Yusuke Ono L.Ac., L.Bs., L.Mt., L.Ds.

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About licenses

  • Licensed Bone Setter
  • Licensed Acupuncturist
  • Licensed Moxibustionist(Cauterization)
  • Licensed Anma, Shiatsu, and Masseur
  • Licensed OTC drugs seller
  • Chiropractor (Diploma)
  • TRT Official Practitioner
  • Auriculotherapy Official Practitioner
  • NAET Official Practitioner
  • B/S Spange Official Practitioner

Graduated or enrolled in the past

  • Chiropractic College in Japan
  • Human anatomy training by Life Chiropractic College West(USA)
  • Kuretake School of Oriental Medicine: Bone Setting Department
  • Kuretake School of Oriental Medicine: Acupuncture and Shiatsu Department
  • CSUH (California State University Hayward: Current CSUEB, USA)
  • Chabot College(USA)

Regular treatments list and details

Treatment for traffic accident by mandatory vehicle liability insurance